November 2018 Republican Victory

PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE: Republican Victory

Every election cycle, the media bemoans the lack of women in politics. Well, Republican women have given the media something to celebrate.  In Alaska we now have a RECORD 16 Republican women serving in the Alaska legislature. (The Democrats have six.) Republicans hold a 14-6 majority in the State Senate that includes five Republican women and Republicans have taken back the House majority with 16 or 40% of those being Republican women.        

            And even better than that is over 90% of these Republican women are staunch conservatives and 7 are ARWC members! So, the next time anyone in the local media starts talking about women's issues and rights, perhaps they should take a look at the Republican women in the Alaska legislature.  And they do not owe their elections to Planned Parenthood or the National Organization of Women.

            Many times, we work tirelessly to elect Republicans to office and this is one of the times all of our work paid off.  ARWC had a goal of taking back the Governorship and House and we did both!  We gave over $34,000 to the Governor and Legislative candidates.  As all of you know our money is raised by $20 here, $20 there and much work. We could not have done without your undying support.  November 29, 2018 is our annual meeting.  

            We were a little behind in getting everything ready but hope helping Mike Dunleavy become Governor we will be forgiven.  We hope you join us for this great celebration of not only ARWC but the Republican women we help elect. I want to personally thank Campaign and Recruitment Co-Chairs Susan Fischetti and Portia Noble for the outstanding job they did in helping us interview and select candidates for donations. 

            If elected this will be my last term as President. I have been so honored to have served as your president and feel most of the objectives I had have been fulfilled. We raised more money than any time in the last 10 years and our wins make us all feel, job well done.

            Many of us are going to be serving on boards, commissions and even new jobs with Governor Dunleavy.  We are all excited but tired.  Less and less people are willing to come forward and just has gotten to be too much for some.  Below are the brave people who have stepped forward to run for the executive board. If you are interested in serving on the board, please let me know. If elected I will be choosing committee chairs who serve on the board.  If you right now would like to run for one of the elected positions, please know that you can be nominated from the floor at our meeting.

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