Summer 2017


  ARWC wants to thank all of the members for their support in our recent battle to keep our name, Anchorage Republican Women's Club. A very special thanks goes to long time members Dinah Abood and Alyce Hanley for attending the recent SCC meeting in support!  

  It was not a pleasant experience to fight other Republicans  but we felt our long tradition of name was worth the fight.

   Past President Stacey Stone-Semmler gives a brief summary below:

   ARWC is now a direct affiliate of the Alaska Republican Party with a seat on the State Central Committee.  Therefore, we have ended our affiliation with AFRW/NFRW (officially).  This allows us to keep 100% of our dues so we can do even more to support candidates the Board chooses to support!  It will also provide that we are only reporting to one person (instead of two) when we go to make donations under the Party umbrella.   

  In addition to the foregoing, ARP has told NFRW that the ARP has no province over our name, and that if NFRW wishes to fight us they may do so.  

  It seems fortuitous that we have left the AFRW/NFRW.  We really got in on the ground floor on this one.  AFRW/NFRW has decided to end any and all affiliation with the ARP.  This is much like the schism that exists between RNC/NFRW.  In doing so, the AFRW is registering (and requiring all remaining affiliate clubs) to register as a 527, i.e. they will no longer be able to contribute to candidates.  As we have discussed on numerous occasions, supporting candidates is the heart of our mission.

ARWC has incurred attorney expenses in our battle to keep our name and club.  We have never asked for members to donate for any purpose but candidates but we would like the opportunity to allow members to donate to this expense if they are so willing.  Please donate at the link before.  It is greatly appreciated and all monies will go to this defense.  

So onward it is!!!  We hope to see you at the Self Defense Class this week and our SSL in July!





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