April 2019 President's Message


I am writing this on a beautiful sunshiny day with spring around the corner, even though there is still a little chill in the air wondering if we have seen the last of the cold. That description reminds me of recent state and local races.  November 6th was a sunny and warm day as we took back the governorship and kept the Senate.  But the chill remained in the air when we failed to win a solid majority in the house and several key Republicans formed a coalition with mostly Democrats in charge. If we thought that looked bad it didn't compare to the complete spring storm in last week's municipal races!  Elections do have consequences and we in Anchorage continue watching a once great city turn into a blue leaning homeless shelter.

   I returned last week from 3 days in Juneau.  The atmosphere was definitely different than years past. Our Governor is holding firm on his campaign pledges while he finds only lukewarm responses from both sectors of the legislature. It  is a very difficult time for the House which seems to be split in several different factions. Many of our first term legislators have seen a dysfunctional organization with bitter battles and long term working relationships severed.  It is going to be a long session with Governor vetoes and possible overrides of those vetoes. 

    I was asked by several legislators what I thought about the PFD. I told them I thought the same as I did when I voted for Governor Dunleavy in November. He very clearly stood on returning the full dividend and balancing the budget.  He is a rare politician since immediately upon being elected he kept those promises with his actions.  I further stated as long as rural/bush Alaska continues to get a free ride, with $100 million a year ferry subsidies, Olympic swimming pools in Sitka, PBS and Arts Council funding and millions being spent on failing schools with no accountability for results, I, like many others, want our full dividend.  When we see a true cap on spending perhaps we will discuss a cap on the PFD.  Right now, it is just the principal of some getting it all and the rest of us sharing the burden.

     If you have not been involved in the past, this is a good time to start!  I try to send action alerts and appreciate all that call or send emails.  Legislators tell me it does matter and they want to hear from us, not special interest groups. I have to  sometimes wonder about that since when running as a candidate we often hear something different than after they arrive in Juneau.  Watch Channel 15 on your TV to see your legislator at work.  Sign up to follow bills of interest, then call in and testify or at the least write an email. Conservatives have got to become as organized as the Democrats. Instead we seem to be better at  calling into talk radio and ranting on Facebook than we do grassroots. 

    Yes, elections have consequences and unless apathy in the conservative community gets better, we are not going to like our consequences. 

STAY INVOLVED BY RENEWING YOUR ARWC MEMBERSHIP TODAY AT: www.anchoragerepublicanwomensclub.com

November 2018 Republican Victory

PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE: Republican Victory

Every election cycle, the media bemoans the lack of women in politics. Well, Republican women have given the media something to celebrate.  In Alaska we now have a RECORD 16 Republican women serving in the Alaska legislature. (The Democrats have six.) Republicans hold a 14-6 majority in the State Senate that includes five Republican women and Republicans have taken back the House majority with 16 or 40% of those being Republican women.        

            And even better than that is over 90% of these Republican women are staunch conservatives and 7 are ARWC members! So, the next time anyone in the local media starts talking about women's issues and rights, perhaps they should take a look at the Republican women in the Alaska legislature.  And they do not owe their elections to Planned Parenthood or the National Organization of Women.

            Many times, we work tirelessly to elect Republicans to office and this is one of the times all of our work paid off.  ARWC had a goal of taking back the Governorship and House and we did both!  We gave over $34,000 to the Governor and Legislative candidates.  As all of you know our money is raised by $20 here, $20 there and much work. We could not have done without your undying support.  November 29, 2018 is our annual meeting.  

            We were a little behind in getting everything ready but hope helping Mike Dunleavy become Governor we will be forgiven.  We hope you join us for this great celebration of not only ARWC but the Republican women we help elect. I want to personally thank Campaign and Recruitment Co-Chairs Susan Fischetti and Portia Noble for the outstanding job they did in helping us interview and select candidates for donations. 

            If elected this will be my last term as President. I have been so honored to have served as your president and feel most of the objectives I had have been fulfilled. We raised more money than any time in the last 10 years and our wins make us all feel, job well done.

            Many of us are going to be serving on boards, commissions and even new jobs with Governor Dunleavy.  We are all excited but tired.  Less and less people are willing to come forward and just has gotten to be too much for some.  Below are the brave people who have stepped forward to run for the executive board. If you are interested in serving on the board, please let me know. If elected I will be choosing committee chairs who serve on the board.  If you right now would like to run for one of the elected positions, please know that you can be nominated from the floor at our meeting.

Summer 2017


  ARWC wants to thank all of the members for their support in our recent battle to keep our name, Anchorage Republican Women's Club. A very special thanks goes to long time members Dinah Abood and Alyce Hanley for attending the recent SCC meeting in support!  

  It was not a pleasant experience to fight other Republicans  but we felt our long tradition of name was worth the fight.

   Past President Stacey Stone-Semmler gives a brief summary below:

   ARWC is now a direct affiliate of the Alaska Republican Party with a seat on the State Central Committee.  Therefore, we have ended our affiliation with AFRW/NFRW (officially).  This allows us to keep 100% of our dues so we can do even more to support candidates the Board chooses to support!  It will also provide that we are only reporting to one person (instead of two) when we go to make donations under the Party umbrella.   

  In addition to the foregoing, ARP has told NFRW that the ARP has no province over our name, and that if NFRW wishes to fight us they may do so.  

  It seems fortuitous that we have left the AFRW/NFRW.  We really got in on the ground floor on this one.  AFRW/NFRW has decided to end any and all affiliation with the ARP.  This is much like the schism that exists between RNC/NFRW.  In doing so, the AFRW is registering (and requiring all remaining affiliate clubs) to register as a 527, i.e. they will no longer be able to contribute to candidates.  As we have discussed on numerous occasions, supporting candidates is the heart of our mission.

ARWC has incurred attorney expenses in our battle to keep our name and club.  We have never asked for members to donate for any purpose but candidates but we would like the opportunity to allow members to donate to this expense if they are so willing.  Please donate at the link before.  It is greatly appreciated and all monies will go to this defense.  

So onward it is!!!  We hope to see you at the Self Defense Class this week and our SSL in July!


DONATION LINK: https://anchoragerepublicanwomensclub.nationbuilder.com/donate



August 2016

Hello fellow members and friends –
Whew, can you believe it is already August?  We are just days away from a hot primary election.  Don’t forget to vote on Tuesday, August 16 and take a neighbor or a friend along.  We have many choices, and we want to make sure we elect strong Republicans to office!
That being said, words cannot express my thankfulness for your unwavering support and generosity.  We are the one club in Anchorage who provided financial support for some of our uncontested races in this year’s primary!  That help is greatly appreciated and very much needed, and that ability is all thanks to our wonderful members and friends!  KEEP UP THE HARD WORK!
Have you reported your campaign hours?  I know several of you are working hard, so please email your volunteer time to [email protected].
Thanks to all of you who attended our Summer Salad Luncheon and Cruise Event!  What a fabulous time!  Along those lines, please SAVE THE DATE.  We are working with the Women’s Clubs from around the State to host an event in the Valley prior to the SCC meeting on Friday, September 9.  Our women are ready to have the “Power of the Purse” on full display.  Tickets are $50 and will be on sale beginning tomorrow at the ARP Picnic.  Our club will be working with the campaigns to put on a fashion show.  Are you itching to help?  Call or email Stacey, 903-3798 or [email protected].
Again, thank you all.  The excitement of the election season is upon us!  Keep up the hard work.  Support our candidates!  Stand strong and share the message of fiscal responsibility and small government.

January 2016

“Our tears fall silently, our hearts grieve quietly but God hears our cries and shares our sorrow.”

The past couple of months have been tough ones for ARWC.  Two of our Board members have lost family members.  Carolyn Leman lost her youngest daughter, Nicole in a terrible hiking accident in New Zealand.  Kay Schuster lost her sister, Suzy in her long battle with cancer.  Suzy, her mother, Maxine and sister-in-law Chelsea are all members of ARWC.

Please keep both of these families in your thoughts and prayers.  Because of these events we have decided to delay our Lincoln Day Dinner, which is usually held in February.  As soon as rescheduled we will let everyone know.

We do have several great events scheduled and you can read about them in this newsletter. Many of us are also involved in the Alaska Presidential Preference Poll March 1, 2016 and District meetings that will be held shortly afterward. At these district meetings delegates will be elected to the State Convention April 28-30, 2016 in Fairbanks.

It is important you become involved in selecting the next Republican candidate for President.  If you wish to participate in this selection you must first attend the PPP (link to ARP website for PPP locations) on March 1, and to be considered a delegate to the State Convention you must attend your district convention. Many of our members serve as District and party officers and we commend you on for your service.

ARWC would like to congratulate all the members and member’s family members who have stepped forward to run for office.  This is a difficult decision and we are proud of each one.  ARWC currently has 8 members in the AK Legislature, 2 women on the ANC Assembly and 1 woman on the school board. Please watch for postings showing how you can help all those putting their hats in the ring.

We are proud to announce that ARWC has the most women in office than any club in the State!

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