August 2016

Hello fellow members and friends –
Whew, can you believe it is already August?  We are just days away from a hot primary election.  Don’t forget to vote on Tuesday, August 16 and take a neighbor or a friend along.  We have many choices, and we want to make sure we elect strong Republicans to office!
That being said, words cannot express my thankfulness for your unwavering support and generosity.  We are the one club in Anchorage who provided financial support for some of our uncontested races in this year’s primary!  That help is greatly appreciated and very much needed, and that ability is all thanks to our wonderful members and friends!  KEEP UP THE HARD WORK!
Have you reported your campaign hours?  I know several of you are working hard, so please email your volunteer time to [email protected].
Thanks to all of you who attended our Summer Salad Luncheon and Cruise Event!  What a fabulous time!  Along those lines, please SAVE THE DATE.  We are working with the Women’s Clubs from around the State to host an event in the Valley prior to the SCC meeting on Friday, September 9.  Our women are ready to have the “Power of the Purse” on full display.  Tickets are $50 and will be on sale beginning tomorrow at the ARP Picnic.  Our club will be working with the campaigns to put on a fashion show.  Are you itching to help?  Call or email Stacey, 903-3798 or [email protected].
Again, thank you all.  The excitement of the election season is upon us!  Keep up the hard work.  Support our candidates!  Stand strong and share the message of fiscal responsibility and small government.

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